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Our work often starts with a white boarding exercise that will clearly map out the goals and objectives, the challenges and roadblocks, the key stakeholders, a health check of your point of departure and a path to a point of arrival, the measurable KPI, etc. Together, we will design your roadmap to success and will guide you along the way.



From strategy building to TMC RFP, 

scoping of the Travel Management  position within your organization, 

Airline contract analysis, Ground transportation and negotiations with

suppliers, we bring expertise and

innovative ways to build a best-in-class Travel Program.

We also recently launched a new department dedicated to advising Travel start-ups on how to design, develop and market new products and technology, based on what companies are looking for and needing, and are not finding in big box products.  


These are unprecedented times for Corporate travel

...but we can help!

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because Travel has come to a stop during this pandemic, you don't need to work on your travel program, products or services. On the contrary, NOW is the time to refocus the energy towards defining what your new program will be like. Of course there is an enhanced Duty of Care aspect, but there is so much more: how are you going to articulate a new strategy around cost control, what tools and technology are going to support the new directives, how will you work with your vendor partners (Airlines, Hotels, Ground, etc.). Some might be bold and even want to look at what are the ways to rethink policy compliance beyond traditional measures.

We understand that because companies are hurting, they might not want to invest or sustain an internal headcount. That's where we come in: we're agile and flexible and can adapt to your exact needs for the time being.

Don't be "just" resilient, be strategic and thoughtful!


An effective and clearly articulated strategy is a powerful tool that will ensure your program has an identified roadmap and a vision for the future and the experience of your travelers. The Industry is ever changing and integrating new knowledge and technology is paramount to building a best in class program.



Solutions & Strategy

Tel: 415-730-8745

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